1st Annual Weasel Gathering
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August 15-16, 2009

Tim Hollar droppin bombs at the weasel...

Dates: August 15-16 (sat/sun)
Gathering at spot starting around noon both days.... although some folks may be there earlier.

Spot Info:
The Weasel - near Mehama, Oregon.
Named for the weasels that sometimes can be seen swimming across the river at the eddy line at this class II section of water.

We have had great luck getting big downtime here at this newly found spot, with many epic, deep, long, easy rides. Its a convergence just like the squirt ranch. The river splits around a small island and creates a sweet convergence coming off the gravel bar point. both lefties and righties are very easy here. the deeper water is on the eddy side, so back cutting to the right can result in deep, very slow rides. There are several major rocks in the deep zone, but so far it has been a very friendly neighborhood. Very deep and long travel can be had here for those with appetite... and it all plays out into a real chill eddy.

Take I5 South from portland to salem...take highway 22 east from there; Just past Mehama, OR, turn right onto North Santiam State Park Road...then take the gravel road down to the river...the spot is at the bottom of the island just downstream. Beware of cops on this road in suuped up chargersars... we have seen a lot of unlucky folks pulled over for speeding on highway 22. The spot is about a hour and a half from Portland.

The nearest camping is Fishermens Bend Rec Area... a BLM site that is first come first serve. We will plan on camping here. Continue east on rt22 and you will see it just before you get to Mill City...about 3.7 mi (about 8 mins) on the right. BUT, if that doesnt work out cause its full, as a plan B, theres always Detroit Lake State Park 30 minutes down the road. Just continue East on highway 22... you'll go past Mill City, Gates, Niagra..and eventually you'll see the dam and lake on your right. We have site D3 and E25 reserved(sat night) for anyone that wants to campout. There are probably other free/un designated sites available north of the detroit lake on FS roads, but are at least another 20minutes away. Check out this campground map of detroit lake. There is a overview map showing the North Santiam State Rec (picnic) Area, where the spot is, in relation to the campground. They are about 20 miles apart.

Sat Dinner:
Sponsored by SinkSpots.org! It's Indian night at the campsite... come enjoy some Dal and Lentis around the campfire. Bring your favorite brews for the brew canoe for others to share!

Informal Comp:
There will be a special award for the first person to link the newly found upper charc/drop zone to the lower normal charc without a double dip (coming up for a extra breath)! Also, a "furthest traveled to get to the comp award" will be given out...

Want more beta, local maps, video and pictures? look no further: www.SinkSpots.org

Weasel Gathering 2009 Scores

Flow: 1130 cfs on Mehama Gage
Air Temp: 63 *F - Partly Sunny
Water Temp: 48.2 *F
Water Turbidity: 0.1 FNU - Crystal Clear

Finals - Round 1

Place Rider R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Country Affiliation Mode Boat
1 Tim 18.97 13.22 19.36 20.25 10.4 82.2 USA Team WA HP Ninja
2 Noah 14.87 20.31 11.29 7.57 14.69 68.73 USA Team NV HP Kor
3 Tehan 10.91 10.69 20.37 14.66 8.97 65.6 USA Team OR HP Wisper
4 Andy 5.66 12.75 24.06 11.5 10.94 64.91 CANADA Team BC HP Wisper
5 Jake 6.71 1.06 16.94 0.94 20.53 46.18 USA Team CA HP Bigfoot
6 JoelD 9.13 4.97 7.91 5.03 17.66 44.7 USA Team OR Stick Whirld
7 Biggs 7.4 0.68 7.59 13.1 12.22 40.99 USA Team CO HP Shred
8 Josh 6.69 7.5 5.47 5.32 9.28 34.26 USA Team CA HP Bigfoot
9 Weaver 5.5 0 0 9.5 15.44 30.44 USA Team OR HP Bigfoot
10 Willie 5.72 8 4 2 4 23.72 USA Team OR HP Kor


Bonus - Round 2

"...just one more ride..."
Place Rider R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Country Affiliation Mode Boat
1 Weaver 17.81 16 15.72 15.63 14.82 79.98 USA Team OR HP Bigfoot
2 JoelD 13.25 7.62 14 9.65 9.57 54.09 USA Team OR Stick Whirld
3 Andy 11.28 13.4 5.5 10.78 6.3 47.26 CANADA Team BC HP Wisper