2nd Annual Collawash Gathering

May 15-16, 2011 (TBA)

official dates of clackfest havent been posted yet..

Collawash 04-10-2010 from SinkSpots on Vimeo.

Dates: May 15-16 (sat/sun)
In conjunction with the Upper Clackamas Festival ( http://www.upperclackamasfestival.org )
SinkSpots.org will be holding a downtime gathering at the confluence of the Collawash and the Upper Clackamas starting around noon both days over the weekend...times are very informal. Please contact sinkspots@yahoo.com if interested in meeting up.

Spot Info:
The Collawash- near Estacada, Oregon.
This is a "up and coming" mystery move spot on the upper clackamas. Not yet fully expored so we cant guarrentee quality downtime...but its an "up and coming spot" so we have high hopes it could be good.

Alternate downtime arena at Twin Fan Campground at the confluence of the Hot Springs Fork of the Collawash with the Collawash, about 4 miles upstream of the Collawash Confluence with the Uppper Clackamas.Gathering at alt spot TBA.

Two Rivers Picnic Area gives you riverside park and play access to the spot. From here we are 15 minutes upstream from Three Lynx. This spot is at the takeout for the June Creek section of the Upper Clack described here: http://www.oregonkayaking.net/floodstage/clack_high.html

Camping: SinkSpots.org has reserved two sites at fish creek... All squirt boaters and friends are welcome.. But there is also great camping at Twin Fan Campground about 4 miles upstream of the Collawash Confluence.

Informal Comp:
Downtime will rule the realm... biggest mystery move will take all glory. We may have a few extra boats laying around if anyone is interested in giving it a go.

Downriver Run: We will be squirting down fish to bobs at some point over the weekend in glass boats... and throwing a plastic boat in bob's hole..

Want more beta, local maps, video and pictures? look no further: www.SinkSpots.org